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Free abrasive thefamily processing technology

Mechanical parts in mechanical processing of each drawings have a deburring technology requirements, deburring process, often cannot compile process technology personnel files, usually adopt file, cloth wheel, emery cloth, abrasive belt and so on ways to remove burrs. With the progress of science and technology and the development of production, artificial deburring already can not adapt to the modern market competition the quality of the products and the mode of production requirements, finishing processing technology gradually replaced the traditional burring process, and becomes more and more important for people, there are some advanced enterprise of mechanical parts finishing and finishing have been technical personnel into the content of the drawing specification, and formed the standard process.
Free abrasive thefamily processing technology including swirl, centrifugal, fork shaft type, horizontal four series, and dozens of models and corresponding abrasive grinding fluid accessories, by the hundreds of mechanical parts finishing and finishing process test study, has obtained the good effect. Achieved good economic and social benefits.
Free abrasive finishing machining
Technology of the roll finishing it practical technological process is:
Oil removal process to finishing processing and deburring, sorting to cleaning and drying, antirust processing
* deoiling treatment: finishing parts to make a thorough degreasing treatment before, ultrasonic cleaning method is often used to best effect. If the oil into the workpiece, the grinding block in less cutting force, grinding agent role will reduce, the finishing effect, the efficiency drops, after finishing the surface of the parts not light.
* finishing processing: finishing machining is mainly according to the shape of the structure of the whole parts by the light piece, size and finishing requirements select or determine the equipment form, equipment specifications, process materials, process parameters, etc.
* finishing machining post-processing includes three aspects: separation of grinding block and workpieces, grinding block and workpieces cleaning and dewatering rust parts.
Grinding block and workpieces of sorting methods are: manual screening, screening machinery, vibration screening, handmade magnetic separation and magnetic separation conveyor belt type, could be selected according to the actual situation. Grinding block and workpieces cleaning by ultrasonic cleaning method best, reoccupy clear water is rinsed clean, please pay special attention to the workpiece drying dehydration and antirust processing.
A large number of process test, found that after the surface is bright and clean of the workpiece by the roll finishing it is brushed, its surface active metal molecular naked when it is exposed to the air oxidation blackening soon, then rust, why stay in parts after cleaning on the surface of the water film formed by electrochemical corrosion must be a layer of electrolyte solution. Water ionization degree are small, but still can be ionized into H + and - [OH], this ionization process along with the temperature and speed up. At the same time also dissolved in water with CO2, SO2, etc., are easy to combine with water.
H2O - H++ [OH] - CO2 + H2O - H2CO3 - H++ / HCO3 -
The impurity in the iron and iron dipped in H +, [OH] - and [HCO3] - and so on the many kinds of ions in the solution, the formation of a corrosion cell, iron is anode, impurity is the cathode. Under normal circumstances, the water film contains oxygen, iron on the anode oxidized into Fe2 + ion, at the anode for electronic is oxygen, and then combined with water into [OH] - ion. The corrosion reaction is:
Fe 2 + O2 + 2 h2o = 2 fe (OH) 2
It seems that the light oil removal before treatment and light the whole after dehydration drying, rust is essential, both be short of one cannot, its method is very much also. Dehydration drying usually adopt industrial dryer, rust-proof oil ingredient is lanolin, petroleum sulfonic acid barium, petroleum sulfonate and additives.


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