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The vibration of the vibration grinding machine motor config

The utility model discloses a vibration motor configuration structure of vibration grinding machine, it includes the installation on the vibration of the vibration grinding machine bed the vibration of the motor, and on the vibration motor on both ends of the motor shaft are respectively equipped with eccentric block vibration, the vibration motor installed on the bed, make the motor axis is perpendicular to the vibration of vibration motor mounting base surface. The utility model has not only can reduce vibration grinding machine height, reducing vibration grinding machine, the advantages of volume, but also can improve the effect of grinding machining efficiency and machining advantages. By experiments show that the utility model can be used to strengthen the effect of the rolling of the material, greatly reduce the grinding, polishing and processing time, effectively improve the effect of grinding and polishing of material products. In the case of using the same motor power, every time using the utility model can improve the material processing capacity, and can reduce the grinding and polishing time for material, and improve the work efficiency but also improve the product quality, but also greatly reduces the production cost.


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